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We're Bringing the Pain (Glow-in-the-Dark Exclusive)!

The Character-

Easily the most Iconic Antagonist in Naruto Fandom is none other than Pain! 

Utilizing the Corpse of his deceased best friend, the life support bound Nagato goes on to coordinate and wreak havoc among the world of Ninja using Yahiko as his Avatar to bring Pain to life!

This Pain is arguably the most powerful- able to control the physical presence of nearly anything in existence by pushing and pulling them at will. 

Grand Entrance!

While that may seem rather lackluster ability, Pain makes his grand entrance to the Hidden Leaf Village by completely leveling the quaint Village using his ability, causing mass chaos and confusion. 

The varying abilities of the different Pains cause widespread death and destruction.

He even takes out the fan favorite Kakashi for a brief spell by using his signature "Almighty Push" to finish him using a nail- talk about gruesome!

The Funko

We're offering up a sweet Glow exclusive pop featuring Yahiko Pain using his Almighty Push technique in order to destroy Konohagukure. 

The attention to detail on this Funko POP! is insane. From the several control rod piercings in his face to the Akatsuki ring on his fingers, we get a Pain that is true to his source material.

Not only Is this Pain highly detailed, He's positioned on a stand levitating as when he shows himself ready to bring his namesake.

His glow is nothing to scoff at either! Yahiko's hair has a bright orange glow, and more subtly, but also more importantly, his Rinnegan eyes and Akatsuki clouds glow as well!


Be sure to get yours asap here at BT Collectibles! We'll be giving these Pain's the "Almighty Push" to your doorstep quickly as they're In Stock now!!



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