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Shifting Into High Gear with Luffy!

Gear Fourth to be exact!

We bring to you a new hot pop in the form of One Piece's iconic main character Monkey D. Luffy!

The Sheer attention to detail on Luffy is almost more wild than his battle against Doflaguy on the once beautiful island of Dressrosa.

Before we even delve into the minute nuances of Gear Fourth (GF) Luffy, you have to take a second to just marvel at the massive size of this Funko POP!. As in the manga/anime, GF Luffy is blown up to a massive size compared to most other Funkos, which with his heft alone gives you an idea of his raw power. 

After scaling back just a bit, we can dive into some of the cooler parts of GF Luffy like his Haki hardened arms and excessive steam exhaust surrounding our Main Character. Luffy's quick mastering of Haki control and his Rubber Devil Fruit's Power make him one of the most formidable combatants in the world of One Piece, as he is able to literally and figuratively bounce back from most precarious situations with his unfaltering willpower.

The last bit of detail that I personally appreciate the designers of this particular figure is the change in eye color, and the direction his hair is "blowing" due to the blood-boiling steam that Luffy's Gear Fourth consists of. 

Short of Gorilla Man Luffy releasing his Kong Gun attack, Funko really outdid themselves with this mold.

For fans of our beloved series you must know as well that Luffy's Gear Fourth doesn't last all that long and neither will our limited stock, so be sure to secure your POP! before you bounce!


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