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NBA Poplife Funkos - Upping the First Print Game

Sports pops have gone through a fair bit of change over the years. Funko has made subtle changes to the designs of the pops and their respective boxes as they continue to expand the line.

With a new fascination with older or “OG” releases for funkos among the collector community, one that may have eluded many are the 2016-2017 line of NBA pops and their OG release via Poplife.

Most people searching for OG releases need to be on the lookout for very minor differences in/on the pops. This can range from a different date stamp on the feet/boxes of the pops to some a little more prominent like a different luster to the pop itself.

The beauty of the NBA Poplife releases is that the telltale sign of these OG releases is right on the front of the box. 

Unlike the general US release, and most subsequent sports pop releases, the Poplife edition features the entirety of the player’s arms- little Funko fist and all!

 For example:

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