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My Hero Academia Ochaco Oraraka Funimation 2020 Exclusive Masked and Unmasked Chase Funko POP!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of one of the most popular amines of our time, My Hero Academia. So its no surprise that when it comes to collecting merchandise, that it's also one of the best selling Funko POP! licenses. 

Here is where I introduce to you one of the main characters- Ochaco Uraraka. There are many debates on whether or not she is Best Girl but we'll leave that for another time. She is a fan favorite and her San Diego Comic-Con Masked Exclusive is considered one of the top grails in the MHA Funko POP! series. If you missed your chance on the SDCC exclusive, don't worry because Funimation has dropped another mold of her with a CHASE variant. This is huge news as it is the first Chase variant for the MHA license. If you don’t know what a chase is, it is basically a special variant of an existing mold that you have a random chance to obtain (usually 1 in 6). The base mold is her with her mask on (this is to prevent the spread of covid) standing with her arms out in a pose on top of some rocks. The chase is the same but without the mask. I was able to obtain both versions and have unboxed them (please don't hate me) and I present to you up-close photos of both of them. Are these a must have for your collection?
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