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Funko POP! Myths Mothman Exclusive Out of Box Review

Mothman: Capping the Myths line of Funko for the time being is the Mothman!

Mothman is a decidedly American myth localized to the West Virginian town of Point Pleasant. The funny part about the Mothman is that the creature isn't actually moth-like according to the news accounts of the various couples that had purportedly spotted the creature.

Lore: The hulking Mothman is actually more of a bird-like creature, with large wings, and glaring red eyes that stand out very harshly against its all black body. As the reports have it however, this menacing figure isn't a threat in its physical presence, but rather that tragedy usually seems to follow it after it has been sighted. Freak accidents, animal disappearances and the like begun to be blamed on the presence of the beast.

The theory behind the bad luck that the Mothman brings however grew when an Ohio bridge collapsed killing nearly 50 people as a result.

Fun Fact: Its been suggested that due to the popularity and resemblance of the Batman Villan, Killer Moth, the character's name became tweaked enough to give the creature its name.

The POP! The Mothman Funko POP! is a pretty sweet piece. While very simple in its stunning all-black body, the vividly red eyes that are a key component of this Myth's appearance that help it stand out amongst the Myth's as a menacing presence...

We may just want to keep this guy in his sorter to avoid any "unfortunate occurrences" in the shop.


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