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Funko POP! DC Heroes Batman Imperial Palace Blue Funko Shop Exclusive

Imperial Batman Funko Shop Exclusive

Just in time for Chinese New Year comes Batman in Imperial regalia!
Keeping his signature Funko pose, but with some added flair, this Blue Beauty stands out among the other POP!s in the Imperial Line!

Imperial Batman

Drawing Heavily from the DC animated Film, Batman Ninja, we see Imperial Batman in his "Ninja" garb as he prepares to face off against a similarly Imperial Joker. Hijinks and time travel ensue as Batman and his rogues gallery battle each other for the future of Japan. Strangely enough, while Imperial Batman draws from this movie quite heavily in terms of costume design, the POP!s are intended for the Chinese market featuring that particular lettering on the back of the box.

The POP!

The Exclusive Imperial Batman Funko POP is really quite a thing to marvel at.

Resplendent in Blue as opposed to the common Black, Batman's golden armor color melds well with the soft blue of his classic costume. Not only does the blue help with just the POP's appeal, but it does wonders for the color coordination with the Funko POP box itself as the Blue is quite striking against the very red box.

One of the sweetest Aspects of the Imperial Line is the slick red box adorned in with Chinese stylized borders and letterings on the back, this really is the perfect POP to pass on a gift for Chinese New Years!

Shock Drop!

Don't miss out on our limited quantity of this Exclusive Imperial Batman- Such a stunning and hyped piece is sure to become a grail after its instant sell out on the Funko Shop!



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