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Funko POP! Animation My Hero Academia Endeavor GITD Exclusive

The New Number One Hero, Endeavor, burns brighter than any other in the My Hero Academia line of Funko POPs!

The Hero!

-Endeavor has some of the most poignant character development in the entire My Hero Academia roster. While Endeavor maintained status as a top hero, he was unable to become a symbol of peace due to his terrible misdemeanor. 

After the retirement of All Might and his encounters with his estranged son, Endeavor strives to become a better hero and a better father to the children who he raised so harshly.

As things currently stand Endeavor is willing to give his life to protect his students and has come a long way from the start of his story.

The Funko Pop!

-The newest mold for Endeavor features him flying towards his enemy ready to unleash his Prominence Burn once he reaches optimal velocity!

Not only are his flames enough to turn his enemies to ashes, but the ones on this rendition Glow-in-the-Dark (GITD) so you can see it happen too!

His Flames won't burn out but stock sure will!

Be sure to get your GITD Endeavor Funko POP to help light up the Hero inside of you before we run out!

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