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Funko POP! Animation Avatar the Last Airbender Azula Exclusive

One of the hottest pieces of the Avatar line of Funko POP!s is the fire nation's Princess Azula!

Avatar: The Last Airbender
As the most prominent antagonist of the hit animated series, Azula is one of the most fearsome characters for a killer array of reasons.

Azula is one of the most powerful fire-benders of the story; able to generate enough firepower to shoot lightning from her fingertips, Azula's raw power is fearsome to say the least!

Unfortunately, Azula's strength does not extend to her psyche. Growing increasingly unhinged as the show progresses, she loses her closest allies and begins to lose battles she could have otherwise easily won until her eventual defeat by water-bender Katara and her cool-headed fighting style.

The Funko POP!
Azula's incarnation into a Funko POP! shows her at her best! Dressed in her Fire Nation army regalia, she is always ready to give her all in her hunt for the Avatar.

The young princess is also fitted with a crown befitting her position, and her hair is well kept as it is in the earlier stages of the show: Pre-psychotic break.

Going Fast!!!
We were able to secure a VERY LIMITED stock here at Big Toes Collectibles, and strive to bring you the Crown Jewel of the Avatar line of Funkos at a price that can't be beat!



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